Personality Disorders

Traits that may cause one to feel or behave in socially distressing ways and often limit one’s ability to interact appropriately with others.

If you are living a life that is disconnected from others, non-productive, lacks fulfillment, moody, or unstable perhaps you are suffering from a personality disorder. Are you functioning below your potential but feelings of inadequacy, poor interpersonal relationships, fears or inflexibility are keeping you from making the progress you know is within your capability? You may have a personality disorder. See if any of the following describe you or your loved one:

This is a long list and most people will find some items on it that they can identify with. The person with a personality disorder will generally identify with several items and to a greater degree than those with healthier personality traits. If you have a pervasive pattern of experience or behavior that is abnormal in any two of the following areas you may have a personality disorder:

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